Weekend round-up: Perry's in, Bachmann wins straw poll, Pawlenty's out

Well, they just had a big old Fox News debate in Ames, Iowa, which started with Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann rhetorically eviscerating hapless Fmr. Gov. Pawlenty of the same state, effectively ending his campaign. It took her about two minutes.

Meanwhile, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who can love America or leave it, declared himself a candidate and promptly defeated "frontrunner" Fmr. Gov. of Massachusetts Mitt Romney in the weekend Ames straw poll, which was won by Bachmann and Texas Congressman Ron Paul, M.D., and confirmed the Bachmann-forced exit stage left of Pawlenty.

This changes the race in that one "major" candidate is now in, and another out. Paul Ryan might even run, but probably not. Still waiting to hear from Fmr. Gov. Palin. Tune in to the next big debate to see who Bachmann knocks out next....

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