Alex's worst ten movies of 2010

And now for the worst....Here are my worst ten movies of 2010, though, to be fair, I'm only including films I have reviewed. I'll do them in reverse order, with number one being the worst of all:

10. The Runaways. Blah, empty magazine-shoot rock-o-pic.

9. Knight and Day. Oh, Cameron Diaz/Tom Cruise movies, what are we going to do with you?

8. Case 39. Children are evil! This is a more fun premise when executed in a way which is not flat and boring.

7. Alice in Wonderland. Helena Bonham Carter is notably good in a movie which mostly doesn't really seem to care.

6. Robin Hood. Seemingly promising prequel to the familiar Robin Hood tale falls down quick.

5. Country Strong. This is a very unrelatable country music movie which is actually sad because it is not very sad.

4. Alpha and Omega. Not an animated wolf version of the Old Testament, but a weirdly racist animated wolf version of nothing with lousy animation and 3-D.

3. The Warrior's Way. A super-awful kung fu Western, seemingly one hundred hours long.

2. The Bounty Hunter. Bad, bad Jennifer Aniston.

1. Daybreakers. A silly, grim vampire movie to inspire even vampire-movie lovers to want to punch vampire movies in the face.

Estimated number of viewings in total for these ten films: 10.

And that is quite enough of the worst movies.

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