President Obama announces run for reelection in 2012

From the Los Angeles Times:

Obama filed reelection papers Monday, slightly earlier in the year than the last two presidents did, an indication of both an aggressive approach and the magnitude of the task ahead. His campaign aides face the time-consuming job of reorganizing and reenergizing Obama's national grass-roots operation and filling a campaign bank account that could top $1 billion.

In an email to supporters, Obama said laying the groundwork for 2012 "must start today" — even as he maintained that he was staying "focused on the job you elected me to do."

Steve Murphy, a Democratic strategist, predicted that next year's vote would be "very close," more like the tightly contested 2000 and 2004 elections than the last, which Obama won easily. "It's not as much of an electoral walk for Barack Obama," he said. "But it's still a favorable electoral map for him."

Obama is currently running unopposed for reelection. That won't last very long, though the complete lack of serious opposition at this point can't be anything but good news for the President.

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