Sen. John Thune (SD) won't run for president in 2012

From the Washington Post:

South Dakota Republican Sen. John Thune has decided not to run for president in 2012, saying he wants to remain in the Senate to fight for conservative principles.

"There is a battle to be waged over what kind of country we are going to leave our children and grandchildren, and that battle is happening now in Washington, not two years from now," Thune said in a statement. "So at this time, I feel that I am best positioned to fight for America's future here in the trenches of the United States Senate."

Thune had been weighing a run for national office for months. He recently spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, a gathering widely regarded as one of the first cattle calls of the 2012 fight.

He coulda been a contender, like Mike Pence. I think Thune was best positioned to take on President Obama, but I've been wrong before. I have now removed Thune from the GOP field page, and replaced his entry in this month's poll with "Other."

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