From USA Today:

Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, an unassuming Chicagoan in bow ties who became a shrewd strategist and liberal leader of the modern Supreme Court, announced his retirement Friday morning. He has served nearly 35 years and is about to turn 90.

In many ways, Stevens' departure may be more significant for the Supreme Court than fellow liberal David Souter's retirement last year. Stevens, more than any other justice on the left, has taken the lead to craft coalitions that include swing-vote conservatives, allowing liberals to prevail in some key cases that limited the death penalty and expanded gay rights even as the court shifted increasingly to the right.

Stevens has been an outstanding, important justice for a long time. My only prediction: the nominee to replace him will be a woman. Also, it should be a woman, there are many who are well-qualified and the Court needs more women.

In unrelated related news, Rep. Bart Stupak, the mixed-record congressman from Michigan who held up health care reform over abortion concerns, will retire after his current term in Congress. He'll be easier to replace.

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