Alex's worst ten movies of 2009

And now for the worst....Here are my worst ten movies of 2009, though, to be fair, I'm only including films I have reviewed. I'll do them in reverse order, with number one being the worst of all:

10. State of Play. A few decent performances in search of a story.

9. The Unborn. Lame riff on The Exorcist.

8. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. What a snooze, and even the squirrel stuff wore out its welcome.

7. A Perfect Getaway. A totally stupid hiking/identity theft "thriller," a bad year for Milla Jovovich fans.

6. The Fourth Kind. Boring alien--or superowl?--encounters in Alaska, a bad year for Milla Jovovich fans.

5. Push. Dakota Fanning stars as telekenetic mutants fight over...zzz....

4. The Last House on the Left. Cheesy revenge-slasher-horror which might have had the makings of more, with less.

3. Land of the Lost. Will Ferrell had a funny joke or two in this. Truly, the less said the better on this one.

2. X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Bad, bad wolverine.

1. The Box. Move along, nothing to see here.

Estimated number of viewings in total for these ten films: 11.

And that is quite enough of the worst movies.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haven't we got enuff bad lists? How about a listing of the 10 most earnest movies? The 10 most Aw, shucks? Or the 10 most poetic?

2/5/10, 6:10 AM  

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