2012 possible Minn. Gov. Pawlenty won't seek reelection

From the Washington Post:

Pawlenty, unlike some of the men (and woman) he may well run against in 2012 for the GOP nomination, has almost no political operation to speak of--a weakness that he must move to quickly remedy in the coming months.


For Pawlenty to begin moving up in the so-called "Invisible Primary," he needs to quickly ramp up his national team and begin traveling the country in support of his candidacy.

What he does have going for him is a record of electoral success in a swing Midwestern state, a natural populist streak that is sorely lacking among the the current Republican leaders and a strongly conservative record sure to appeal to the party base. Make sure to read our "case for" and "case against" Pawlenty as a potential veep pick for McCain in 2008.

Pawlenty is somebody to watch, but he has significant weaknesses, too. Interesting development....

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