Steele to be first African American GOP party chair

Just a week and a half after Americans saw President Obama become the first African American chief executive, and months after he became the real head of the Democratic Party, Republicans have elected Michael Steele to be the first African American chairperson of the party of Lincoln (and Nixon's Southern Strategy). From MSNBC.com:

Michael Steele was elected Republican National Committee chairman on Friday, defeating the incumbent party chief and three other challengers over six rounds of voting to become the first black to lead the GOP.

The former Maryland lieutenant governor takes over a beleaguered GOP as Republicans seek to rebound from back-to-back defeats in national elections that gave Democrats control of Congress and the White House.


"We're going to say to friend and foe alike: We want you to be a part of us, we want you to with be with us, and for those who wish to obstruct, get ready to get knocked over," Steele said.

Ohmigosh, he's going to knock the Democrats over! Or obstructionist Republicans? Or something.

This is a storied post that has produced one president (George H.W. Bush) and one other presidential nominee (Bob Dole), but which is usually reserved for political hacks of little note. Which category Steele belongs in remains to be seen, but I have a guess.

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